The Connection Between Gun Deaths and Suicide

I had just finished up my first week working at Brady. I was out with new friends, celebrating a summer night in DC on a rooftop somewhere downtown. We were dressed like the young professionals we aspired to be, gossiping about our respective office drama and politics, making plans for the weeks to come, and brushing off any fears that our upcoming senior years would be anything but an exhilarating end to our college years akin to the movies. We were planning for a future we assumed was an absolute. 

Two More U.S. Representatives Earn Passing Grades on Our Report Cards

Team Enough recently scored everyone in the U.S. Congress based on their support or lack thereof for bills that would require universal background checks for every gun sale, ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, and establish “extreme risk” laws that help keep guns temporarily away from someone who is a threat to themselves or others. 

Thank you to Sherman and Gutierrez for signing on in July to cosponsor H.R. 2598, a life-saving bill that would help families and law enforcement temporarily remove guns from a situation where someone is in crisis.  Earlier the representatives confirmed their support of bills that would ban assault weapons and expand background checks.

These two members of Congress have moved from earning incomplete grades to passing ones—how do your representatives score? So far, only 12 senators and 24 representatives have earned passing grades. Look up their grades on gun reform now, and let them know that you support common-sense gun reform.