UPDATE: Extremist Groups Publish 3D Gun Blueprints Online Despite Court Order

Despite a federal court ordering blueprints for 3D-printed guns be removed from the internet, a group of extremist activists have taken it upon themselves to post the instructions. These blueprints will allow anyone, anywhere- no matter how dangerous - to download and print 3D, untraceable guns. 

Following a lawsuit by a coalition of state Attorneys General, a federal court ordered that Cody Wilson and his company Defense Distributed take down existing blueprints, and hold off on publication until a hearing later this month. Almost immediately following this decision, a group of radical organizations chose to post  blueprints despite the clear threats to public safety and national security. 

Team ENOUGH’s partner group, The Brady Campaign, had previously taken legal action to try and stop the online distribution of 3D gun blueprints and released public comment saying “This reckless and dangerous behavior isn’t some sort of constitutional stand - it’s a publicity stunt that will lead to someone being hurt or killed.”

If you want to help stop the online distribution of blueprints for downloadable, untraceable 3D guns, call the public switchboards for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at 202-647-6576 and Attorney General Jeff Sessions at 202-514-2007 and tell them to immediately take action.