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Schools are meant to be places of safety and learning for children. But a new Florida law (SB 7030) expands the state’s controversial Guardian Program and allows teachers to carry guns in class. Make no mistake, arming teachers is a dangerous approach that could lead to fatal mistakes. Extensive research proves that adding guns to schools only increases the risk of harm to students. That’s especially true for students of color, who disproportionately face hostile classroom environments.

It’s clear legislators won’t protect us. So it’s in our hands to act.
Team ENOUGH members are organizing across Florida, and you can help their efforts.


The Florida law allows local school districts to decide whether to arm teachers. We must ensure that every school board in the state declines to add guns to classrooms. We’ve already had success: So far, Team ENOUGH members have helped encourage school boards in three Florida counties — Manatee, Sarasota, and Hillsborough — to decline to sign onto arming teachers.

This is a life and death issue for Florida students. We encourage every student to speak up and be heard. Use our advocacy toolkit for strategy and tactics on how to stand up for school safety with your local school board.

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This toolkit was created by members of Team ENOUGH Tampa, a group of student activists who successfully took action with their local school board. If you plan on using this toolkit, please reach out to our organizing team at or We are happy to answer any questions you may have.