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Kim campaign gets help from Parkland shooting survivor

“If this was a normal year, I would probably be spending it preparing for the SAT or going to a movie theater with friends. But I lost all normality on February 14th; I lost all innocence,” she told a group of about two dozen volunteers outside Kim’s Willingboro campaign office.

Parkland kids bring 'school project' to San Diego

Thursday night, in the courtyard of a La Jolla Farms home high above Black’s Beach, four Parkland kids, survivors of their schools Valentine’s Day massacre, symbolized the change that’s got to be coming to a country in love with guns like no other but at the same time sick of gun violence like no other.

Anti-Violence Groups Holding Block Party on South Side

Anti-Violence Groups Holding Block Party on South Side; Parkland Survivor Shares Story
Seventeen people were killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14. Many of the survivors have since become frontline voices against gun violence. Aalayah Eastmond, a survivor of the shooting, spoke to WGN about gun violence. 

Teens Aren’t Giving Democrats a Pass on Gun Control Legislation

Fifteen-year-old Eden Hebron had never lobbied Congress before last Thursday—and before February 14, when three of her classmates were murdered in her classroom at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, she’d never really shared her political opinions at all. But, like manyof her fellow student survivors, Hebron’s first-hand experience with devastating gun violence had finally brought her to Washington, where she spoke with federal lawmakers about sponsoring the gun control legislation that currently lays dormant in Congress.

Youth group issues report card on where members of Congress stand on gun-control legislation

A group that engages young people on gun-violence issues is releasing a report card that assesses whether members of Congress are co-sponsoring gun-control bills.

Now This: Texas Teen Marcel McClinton Leads Students in Charge for Gun Reform

Marcel McClinton is a student activist for gun reform in Texas. He survived a mass shooting in 2016 when a gunman killed one and injured six outside a Houston church.

“I am pro-Second Amendment, anti-people getting killed senselessly. My dad owns four guns. He locks them up. I don’t know the code. He knows the code. He’s trained to use them,” he stated.

Sun Sentinel: 'We're not being represented:' Minority voices strive to be heard after Parkland

Deadly shootings are a grim fact of daily life in inner-city schools and neighborhoods across South Florida. But beyond these neighborhoods, these deaths receive little attention.” Now, a determined band of minority teenagers from Broward and Miami-Dade counties are plotting a summer of action.